Identity Issues

We have all struggled with who we are at some point in our lives. Are we the consummate professional at our jobs? Are we a parent struggling to raise children in a modern world? Or are we a person who isn’t sure exactly who they are?

Some people struggle with larger identity issues. They question if they truly are part of their family. This might be because they don’t have the same values. Their family might look very different than they do. Some even believe they were kidnapped at a young age for some nefarious reason.

Brooke faces this issue as she contemplates how different she is, not just in looks but also in values, from her family. She questions this even more when people in her new hometown seem to believe she’s someone else.


Brooke English never belongs. She changes schools twice a year, as often as her looks and name change. Her thoughts about belonging to her "family" get even more viral when they stop in Landry, Georgia. Then things start to go wrong. Then Brooke starts to have dreams.

Will she find the answers she wants? Or will her worst fears become reality?


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