Moving Forward

When bad things happen, we all have to move beyond them once they’re over. Sometimes, nightmares plague us for months or even years before we truly recover. All of this depends on the severity of the issue at hand.

Some problems are so bad that the individual might never recover fully. Such is the for children taken from their custodial parent through non-custodial parental kidnapping. Everything they took for granted is ripped away from them. They’re not sure they’ll ever see home again. Even worse, they’re usually subjected to verbal and physical abuse while they’re in the hands of an individual they’re supposed to love.

Keri and Shane in Lost & Scared survived this nightmare. They’re both strong teens, trying to move forward with their lives, but they also still feel the effects of the four months while their father had Keri and three younger siblings captive far from home.


Almost two months have passed since the nightmare of non-custodial abduction that Keri and Shane endured. She still suffers from nightmares and a deep-seated fear of repeating the experience. He can’t help trying to make her life easier, better in the hopes that she’ll relax.

Keri & Shane fought back in Lost & Scared. Can they now look forward to a New Future on the most romantic night of the year?


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