Who isn’t up for a quest? They’re filled with danger, excitement, and possibly a pretty girl for the handsome young man heading off far from home. Usually, the characters are in a fight for the survival of their species, to protect their ruler, of to stop an evil person.

The young men and women who answer these calls are usually looking for adventure, for a way to escape a dreary home life. They’re ready to do anything they need to in order to make sure the right side wins. Oh, and a bit of excitement along the way is always nice.

Troy has his own reasons for responding for a call to arms. He doesn’t look back and he and his buddies leave their home planet, bound for a world he’s never seen. What he discovers there causes him to question everything about his life.


Troy Ailel left his farm behind upon his parents’ deaths, answering the call for Armsmen to protect the galaxy from an unknown evil. He expected to fight, but not the enemy he got, nor for the cause he sought.