Spotlight on Camp Fear - 13 Days of Fear

CAMP FEAR: 13 DAYS OF FEAR  by Ben Sharpton
Young Adult/New Adult Thriller
Release Date: May 13, 2016
Publisher: Summer Solstice


         A camp filled with fear
         A real life-threatening  danger
                                                         A clinically depressed counselor who must summons the courage to help those he loves

To help overcome grief, Rich Hanson takes a summer job at Camp Safe Harbor in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. He quickly learns the camp director rules over the staff and campers with unrealistic and manipulative fear (which leads the camp staff to rename the camp, Camp Fear). When faced with real peril, Ritch must find the courage to lead the camp staff to safety.
Summer camp can be a frightening place…


“It's the perfect summer escape book.. completely unpredictable and yet believable. Easily worth 5 stars.”  - Author Bradon Nave (Copper Lilies)

“…it was well-written and enjoyable, and definitely worth reading. If you enjoy a good adventure story with a little meaning packed into it, give Sharpton’s Camp Fear a read!” – Reviewer Kiera Dunn

— MEET THE AUTHOR OF Camp Fear: 13 Days of Fear! 

“Tell stories.” It's one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received. Stories inspire people to grow and expand their horizons. They entertain. They challenge. They comfort. Simply put, they make life much better.

I’ve been telling stories all my life. When I worked with youth years ago, I told stories that helped them understand, learn and develop. Later, as a corporate training manager I used stories to demonstrate examples, to encourage better business practices and to stimulate learning. As a college professor I found stories to be instrumental in challenging people to think and comprehend.

Today I continue to tell stories. You’ll find them in my nonfiction curriculum books and all of my award-winning novels. My hope is you’ll enjoy my stories and share them with your friends. Then, tell your own!


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