The Boyfriend

The boyfriend can be a girl’s best friend, or her worst nightmare.

There are guys who will all too willingly make their girl feel good about anything. They’ll buy her flowers for no reason, hold her books at school, even get her a special treat when she’s feeling low. Those are the keepers. These guys have had a great role model to show them how to be nice to their girl.

On the other hand, there are guys who always want to hang with their buds. They’ll demand their girl be nothing more than arm candy, and brag to all who will listen that they’ve trained her very well.

The happy medium is a give and take between the couple, with some bad breaking up the idyllic moments.

Unless you have a boyfriend with a major secret he forgot to share.

Oh, not to mention that you have a secret too, one no one told you about until all hell is breaking loose.

In Family Secret … Times Two, Lan discovers a family legacy no one talked about. And it’s at the worst possible moment, when she’s in a fight for her life. Worse, her boyfriend is the person she’s fighting.


A curse uttered in 1422 sets two families against each other—each side determined to destroy the other. Now, Zan Courtland, unprepared for the task, must face off against her foe—who also happens to be her boyfriend.


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