The Glam Life of an Author

I’ve been asked so many times what kind of glamourous life I lead. That question always elicits a laugh. As my Twitter bio says, I’m a wife, Mom, Grandma, dreamer, doer, Veteran, and author of young and new adult, romance, and western novels in addition to being an editor in chief. That’s a snapshot of my very busy life, but it still doesn’t show the whole truth.

My day starts when most people are still fast asleep in their beds. No alarm clocks intrude on my sleep. I shut mine off permanently after my youngest graduated from high school, and that was such a feeling of freedom. I set my own hours, but I’m betting that I am more rigorous in my daily routine than those who go to a nine-to-five job.

While the coffee perks for the first cup of anti-zombie juice, I’m assembly that day’s promotion work. It rarely varies, but there are moments when I feel as if I’m spinning my wheels. Once the coffee is in me, I peek at the mirror.

Yup, those are black circles under my eyes. Probably from lack of sleep, but I have an active brain and it demands attention.

The hair is usually yanked into a convenient ponytail, unless I have an appearance later in the day. No makeup. Another yippee moment. I always hated that gunk on my face. Clothing is casual, the more casual and loose fitting the better. Shoes? Only if it’s cold, and then they’re slippers. This California born and raised girl has toes that hate the confinement of shoes. Love the freedom of walking around barefoot.

So, this not so glamorous author sits in front of a computer screen. Sometimes you’ll see my Facebook page up all day, but I’m not posting. Nope. I’m creating, with short breaks to see what my friends are up to, maybe respond to a post here and there.

Back to the salt mines… uh, the latest book.

Lunch usually passes in a blur, with me munching on sharp cheddar cheese and crackers. Filling if not healthy. The afternoon is another blur, until my stomach hollers that it needs sustenance. But only after another check of social media, where I might discover a friend has invited me to an event.

Uh, sorry, need to cook, clean, and get back to this story that’s kicking me around.

Yes, that’s my usual glamorous day in a nutshell. I rarely go out, don’t see the need to get out of the PJs some days, and overall, have a great life—in my opinion.


Jack Strandburg said…
Sounds somewhat like mine, KC, but I avoid looking in mirrors! :)

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