Beta Readers

Continuing on with our discussion of preparing your book for publication. Sometimes it is difficult to find a critique group that will meet your needs as a writer. What does one do in that situation?

You always have another choice. Find beta readers. These are people who are not only willing to read your book before editing but to also let you know when parts of it need fine tuning, or a particular passage doesn’t work.

In order to get the best result from your beta readers, you need to check out the people you accept for this very important job. Not only do they have to like the type of book that you’re writing, they also need to be willing to give you an honest, critical evaluation of the work. What you, the author, don’t want is someone who will say that you have a wonderful book that doesn’t need a thing changed.

That would be nice, even fabulous, but it’s not the truth. As writers, we become immersed in our work that we often ignore the parts of the book that aren’t quite as polished as they should be. That’s why we need someone who will help us put that polish in place, give us a book that will resonate with our readers.

So, remember this—you already have a great story. Make it even better by having someone else check it out before you commit this tale to your publisher.


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