Teens trust their friends. Most never entertain the thought that a friend would betray them when the relationship is tested. The idea that a friend will turn on them never crosses their mind. Yet, that happens and the teenager is faced with a decision they didn’t believe they would have to make.

Venus Rising is about betrayal at the deepest level. Mick lives on a research station below the North Atlantic. His life is about as boring as any teenager can imagine and he depends on his friends to give him a reason to get through the days until he can leave for what he imagines is a better life. When he’s accused of treason, Mick leans more heavily on two people he’s always trusted, until one shows him that his trust was misplaced.

What does he do to get past this betrayal? The answer lies in the communication he abandoned with the station’s artificial intelligence. Is he willing to return to communicating with a computer he abandoned, whose trust he betrayed himself several years earlier, in order to prove that he’s not the person who tried to destroy the station?


Venus—a research habitat in the North Atlantic—learned to communicate with a very special young man long before humans inhabited her decks. Eleven years later, sixteen-year-old Mick Beaumont has long given up on his friend inside the computer. He’s determined to leave what he sees as a loser lifestyle and return to terra firma.

On the day of the scheduled rising, nothing happens as it should. Mick’s at a loss to explain the breakdowns, despite being the prime suspect. Determined to figure out the mystery, he enlists the aid of his girlfriend and best bud, only to have one betray him at a crucial moment.

The fate of the world is in this young man’s hands. Can he stop the eco-terrorists and bring Venus to the surface before planetary annihilation happens?


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