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Just how dedicated are you to making your book or books a success?

As an author, you need to ask yourself this question. The reason is that no matter how you publish, you are faced with marketing your book on social media. Even well known authors are now stumping their books, although they probably don’t spend as much time doing it as we who are in the trenches every day.

Marketing is more than “Oh, I published a book. You probably should check it out.” This disingenuous statement might get you a few initial sales but if you don’t do anything else, you’ll soon see your book relegated to Amazon limbo. That means despite being able to move up in the rankings, maybe even hitting the Best Seller stratosphere of the top 100 books in your category, you’ll be languishing far below that in a cellar of dismal exposure.

In order to get your book noticed, you have to be on the social media giants—Facebook and Twitter. Of course, you need to be on other social media venues, but these two will get you the most notice. And you need to be out there daily, not just plugging your book but also getting your name known.

How does one do that?

There are auto-posters that allow you to set up scheduled posts on Twitter and Facebook. Those can assist you with getting out your daily posts, but you still need to be commenting, sharing, and checking out what’s happening. Keeping your finger on the pulse of social media can help you with getting you and your work noticed.

Just one thing to bear in mind once you’re being noticed…

Avoid the pitfall of rants. These can lose you as many fans as apathy will. Instead of sharing and commenting on the latest trending news story, look for something funny, cute, or even poignant. Give your fans the opportunity to grab a breath of fresh air in this crazy world we live in. Let them notice that you’re not one to follow current trends but are a trendsetter.


Vanayssa Somers said…
If Solstice has taught me one thing, it's to get out there and post things and put my books out to the world. I used to read the submissions pages and guidelines of publishers and see that I had to market and before they would take a book they had to see a marketing plan. Marketing plan! I had no clue. Being with Solstice has been a huge education on many levels. You can't pay for this kind of training.

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