Dem Bones

Dem bones, dem bones, just how do we connect dem bones?

We’ve all read great stories. You probably don’t notice what makes the story great, just that it flows from one paragraph to the next. You’re enjoying the book far too much to really think about the mechanics.

Here they go. You have the paragraph bones. Each one is well crafted, honed to the point where the transition is so seamless that you don’t notice when you’re changing from one to another. Many time, while rereading my favorites, I get halfway through the book before I realize life is going on without me.

Your character bones are very important. Characters have to be three dimensional. You have to love or hate them. Even the antagonist needs good qualities. Don’t forget to make your protagonist imperfect. Your hero/heroine will seem more lifelike if you do.

We’re now at the dialogue bones. Very important. Dialogue isn’t the time to describe a person. Don’t talk on and on about how everything looks. Save all that for narrative and keep it short, pertaining to the situation. Your dialogue should be normal conversation, but witty and snappy. Your characters should speak like real people, so the reader can relate to them.

There are other bones you can concentrate on, sub-plots and description. Remember, when creating the bones to your story, make them strong, give them life. Create a tale readers will want to return to time after time, a story they become immersed in.


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