Love Your Publisher

Those authors lucky enough to have a publisher sometimes tend to forget one little thing when giving interviews or promoting our books.

It’s not much, but in the long run this little item can make or break a relationship with your publisher.

Who is this person, or in some cases, several people?

Let me give you a clue. They took a chance on your book, on you as an unknown quantity. They provided you with cover art, an editor, proofreader, and provide you with a comfortable home for your other books.

Yes, I’m talking about your publisher. A publisher doesn’t have to offer an author a contract. It’s not a given that you will be accepted the first time you submit. Even if you put your best foot forward, you won’t always be lucky enough to grab the brass ring and be on track to being published.

The most important way any author can show their publisher love is by mentioning the name of the company that publishes their books. Do this in interviews, whenever you mention your book on social media, even when you’re talking about your book to the person on the street. Say your publisher’s name with pride, because you’ve accomplished a lot just being part of this company.

Don’t be shy. Talk about your publisher. Share those interviews, especially with the publisher. They love this. It not only helps your book but the company itself get better.

Publishers who get love from their authors will often return that love.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the reminder to mention the publisher.

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