Seasonal Stories

A seasonal story can have a longer sales life than just during the season you’re writing about. Tales about winter are especially welcome when the sun heats us to the point of melting away. Drive those shivers of the cold time of year away by reading about fun in the sun.

Summer Breeze is a light tale of two teens finding love on Malibu Beach in 1972. Inspired by the Seals and Croft song of the same name, this story brings for the same elements so many of us from an older generation remember fondly.


A special bikini puts courage into Beth to approach the guy of her dreams. Trane looks forward to the waves and talking to a girl who has caught his eye. The Summer of ’72 on the longest day of the year, two teens discover love on the beach, amid adventure and fun.


“Oh, that is so gorgeous!”

Beth Ramsey ignored the tiny, square bedroom lost in the sixties to admire her slim figure in a mirror hanging on her door. The orange bikini she now wore offset her dark tan so well. The tiny gold clasp holding the top on tight might cause problems later, if she didn’t lather up that area with a lot of Swedish Tanning Secret. But she was prepared with not one but three tubes of the lotion that had helped her achieve the healthy glow on her skin.

“I can’t wait until Trane sees me.” She blew a kiss at her reflection and yanked on a pair of short shorts that were nothing more than a pair of her old jeans she’d cut off. A flimsy, see through, white blouse would provide some protection against the wind later, when she returned home from what she planned to be a celebration of the summer solstice on Malibu beach tonight.

Only one thing could mar her happiness, and she planned to avoid that situation at all costs.


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