A Phenomenon

Social media is here to stay. So are the posts we put on the various groups that are so popular—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, a blog, or even our website. There is a very true saying that you need to remember—what goes on the internet stays on the internet forever.

Oh yes, that embarrassing post you yanked down only moments after putting it up but was shared by three of your close friends is now forever wafting through the ether of the internet. If someone wants to know about you for any reason, a quick search will soon have you wondering why you lost that fabulous job or explaining just what you were thinking.

Or you virulently are opposed to a particular political candidate and make that fact known whenever you have a chance. But, you’ve picked a career field where what you post on social media has a strong bearing on your ability to get a job. And your potential boss requires that you maintain a low profile during election cycles, because any of his/her employees speaking out about candidates in a less than flattering manner can impact their business. Except… you decide your political beliefs are more important than your boss’ are and go ahead with your posts.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly discover you don’t have a job any longer. An employer is perfectly within their rights to terminate a person if they negatively affect the bottom line. With so many people still looking for jobs, you are but a blip on their radar once they decide you aren’t worth the trouble any longer. Oh, good luck finding another job very fast, unless it is with the candidate you support. Your attitude that you can do as you please will follow you for a good long time. And once the election is over, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have a permanent position if their elected position comes to bear.

The bottom line is that you, and you alone, control your future. Social media is fun, if you use a little discretion. Remember, everyone doesn’t have to know every little thing about your life.


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