Everybody Reads YA ~ The Curse of Grungy Gulley

Happy “Everybody Reads YA” Sunday! Today I’m sharing an excerpt from my paranormal novel: The Curse of Grungy Gulley. One demon against three teens. Who wins?

Random A. Ransom strolled out of the mine. A smile seemed to crack his craggy face. Thunder rumbled in the background, yet no clouds marred the beauty of the deep blue sky. He glanced around at the area outside his entrance into the netherworld and snorted.

“So ugly. I can’t wait until this awful beauty is gone forever.” He laughed, a choking, guttural sound. “Time to get to work.”

About the Author

Born and raised in Southern California’s Los Angeles basin, K.C. Sprayberry spent years traveling the United States and Europe while in the Air Force before settling in northwest Georgia. A new empty nester with her husband of more than twenty years, she spends her days figuring out new ways to torment her characters and coming up with innovative tales from the South and beyond.

She’s a multi-genre author who comes up with ideas from the strangest sources. Some of her short stories have appeared in anthologies, others in magazines.

Faced with the loss of his immortality, Bewitcher Random A. Ransom has to defeat Mary Barron’s young assistants: Tuck Barrons, Earl Lee Farley, and Sue Anne Edwards. Confidant he can beat three kids, Random has no idea that the Johnson triplets have invaded the ranks of his brethren. These brothers have pledged their souls to Archangel Michael to rid the world of evil. What the Bewitcher thought would be easy isn’t so easy after all.


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