Foreign Locations

What’s more exciting to the reader than a foreign location, especially one, you the author, has visited and knows far more than what’s offered on a website for the area? The mystery and beauty of the area are now available for you to impart to the reader. Local legends and traditions can be worked into your tale, with a minimum of effort. Think of all the colorful adjectives you can use to bring this location alive.

Such is the case in A Long Way From Home. This short story is set in Germany, in the Hühnsreck region during December. The main characters are both members of the U.S. Air Force and assist with the celebration of St. Nicholas Day. Each has their own past to overcome as they aid the local St. Nicholas in bringing gifts to the happy children.


Lynn and Deke participate in the local St. Nicholas Day celebration in the German village outside their Air Force Base. Each finds a new reason to enjoy the winter holidays.


Lynn Michaels sat at the window of her dormitory at Hahn AB in Germany. Her gaze focused on everything and nothing—the fat snowflakes so foreign to her, a young woman born and raised in Southern California, the distant memory of what would be happening in her home right at this minute, how she was a long way from home and would never return there.  If she could help it.
Deke Richards grabbed several bags of cookies, candy, and small gifts wrapped in festive paper from the table in his dorm room and stuffed them into a backpack. It was supposed to be a cloth sack, but he couldn’t find one at the Base Exchange. He was running late, not an unusual occurrence, and had to hurry if he was to finish everything.


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