Romance Short Stories

Just how does one create a romance along with its many elements and do it as a short story? Impossible, you say. Quite possible, I say.

Romance does have some unbreakable rules. You need to have the couple coming together. You do need vivid description. Mostly, you need the romantic involvement that leads to a satisfying conclusion.

All of this can be done in a short story. It’s rather simple if you work at it. All you need to do is define your in your opening paragraph the characters and their attraction. Instead of beginning with description of their lives before they meet, jump into the middle of the action.

The middle of the action—the most defining element of a short story.

You’re limited on how many words you use in a short. Therefore, instead of wasting words on vivid description and a lengthy process of getting the characters together, you need to begin with what would normally be the middle of your story. From there, you can develop a story anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 words with ease in the same way I’ve done with Last Chance.


The tragic death of their child in a horrific fire scars Keri-Lynne and Jack Montrose in ways they never could have imagined, driving them apart for eighteen years. It is only when the truth of the fire comes out that they have one last chance to accept and embrace the love that they buried for so long.


A soft breeze, the kind that came during the warming from winter to spring, ruffled Keri-Lynne Montrose’s waist-length blonde hair. Her hair wasn’t the blonde idolized as the perfect American female but rather a honey color with streaks of strawberry tones that never came from a bottle. Creamy skin most thought would burn under the South’s strong sun tanned gently. Hazel eyes surveyed a greenhouse hidden behind a high hedge, to keep others from knowing she was experimenting with the forbidden, but only forbidden by hidebound traditionalists who feared change.
            “What today?” She examined the herbs she nurtured in this glass building. “I have to find a way to help Mother.”


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