Second Chances

We all want a second chance in life, an opportunity to right a wrong and maybe rediscover a relationship we once thought we’d blown. How often does that happen? More than most people realize. Second chances are the fates way of letting us know that a happily ever after is possible, if we open our eyes and grab the opportunity once it’s presented to us.

In Love Anew, location and circumstances, in addition to external pressures, drove Treena and Rick apart. Their love was cast aside as responsibilities and other people lured them into believing lies. When given a second chance at life, their physical and emotional scars hold them back, make them doubt their commitment. Can they make things work a second time?


A promise to wait forever shatters from doubt. Doubt in her fiancé and doubt in herself causes Treena Andrews to make a choice she comes to regret. Fifteen years later, can she make the broken pieces of her life whole?


Treena Michaels glanced at the miniscule diamond engagement ring on the third finger of her left hand. Four months ago, Rick Wilson had put the ring there and promised to return to her. Everything she’d dreamed of had happened in the space of two short years. She no longer lived with her father—a man who preached blind obedience for women to their men and enforced his teachings with fists and hateful words in his home. For the first time in her life, she was free to pursue a career she’d always dreamed of having, becoming a social worker for children who lived as she had after her mother disappeared. Within the next year, she would be Rick Wilson’s wife. All she had to do was wait for him to come home from the War on Terrorism unscathed.

“He’ll come home,” she whispered. “Rick promised.”


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