The Collection

A collection is a group of related, or non-related, stories by one author. There is always a theme, whether a particular genre, several stories of the same plot, or even the same character.

Some of these books are rather long. Others are too short to be in print, but are an enjoyable break when you’re standing in a long line or during the commute home.

One thing these types have in common is that they’re meant to entertain and in some instances, provide background in a series of related books.


Hailey Hatmaker and the Ghosties are back! So are the ghosts who keep popping up in Landry—a kindly grandma, a surly janitor, the breakfast burrito lady in the school cafeteria, a ghost with terminal allergies, and others. Seems the Great Beyond wasn’t enough. They like living in Landry just fine.


Hello, Ghostie Central. Tripped through the other blogs earlier and couldn’t find anything like what’s going on with the Landry Ghosties. I so hope someone out there has an answer to our current manifestation because we have absolutely no idea how to handle it. First, though, a little history about my particular talent.

My name is Hailey Hatmaker. Don’t crack the usual jokes. I’ve heard every single one and they stink. I adore living in Landry, Georgia. It’s a really old town in the northwest part of the state. Most times, we feel like we’re more connected to Chattanooga than Atlanta, but that’s another story—and another ghost problem to solve in the far future.