Book Release: Project 9 Vol 2

The universe is infinite—as are the stories from those who inhabit this wondrous place. Welcome to the many different worlds imagined in the minds of Solstice Publishing authors. What can be more fun than letting your imagination release and enjoying tales from all sorts of cosmoses.

Ten Solstice Publishing authors take you to the dark recesses of the mind, a space station about to be turned upside down by teen investigators, and where reality can be defined by taking a pill. These stories are just the beginning of a fabulous collection just awaiting the eager reader.

Project 9 Vol 2 features the work of Ray Chilensky, K.C. Sprayberry, Jim Cronin, Arthur Butt, E.B. Sullivan, Natalie Silk, Rick Ellrod, Debbie De Louise, Rob McLachlan, and S@yr.


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