Irritating Siblings

Most of us have one of these individuals in our family. That one sibling you just want to strangle. It could be a brother who takes every opportunity to embarrass you just when you don’t expect it. You could be saddled with a sister who puts a whole new definition on drama queen. Whatever you’re saddled with, you definitely want this person to go away forever—or do you?


Lainie’s older stepbrother, Mark, is the bane of her existence. He always embarrasses her. She swears she hates him… until a terrible day when she realizes just the opposite is true.


Glancing in all directions, I sneak toward where I live. He can’t see me. I can’t let him know that I’m home. Not until I’m safely inside.

“Hey, Lainie! Do your friends know that you dance in front of the bathroom mirror every night? Maybe I should sell tickets.”

Face burning, I duck my head, running up the stairs and the last few feet to our apartment. How can my jerk of a brother do this? Turning, I stand in front of the door and scream out my frustration.

“Mark, I don’t want you to live here anymore. You should stay at your dad’s this year. Like in never come back!” 


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