Friends Forever

Many think an author’s life is a lonely one. They don’t know the truth of the matter. Many of us have the best friend in the world, a partner who supports us in our endeavors.

Who are these partners? Our spouses, roommates, even the barista at our favorite coffee shop. Some of us find a loyal gathering of people on social media who will hug us when we’re down or celebrate when we achieve success.

Our friends don’t expect us to give them anything. They’re around for us, no matter what hour of the day or night we need a shoulder to cry on or someone to pop the champagne cork. We savor these friends, keep them very close. They often know more about our books than we do, from the hints we drop, or the questions we ask.

No one will ever realize the depth of friendship involved with a writer. We keep weird hours, often going without sleep while plotting out a certain section of a book. Those partners who live with us have grown used to waking around two or three in the morning, to discover the other side of the bed is empty and there’s a delectable aroma of coffee wafting through the home. The social media friends know to make their presence available during those off hours, only because that’s when they get the most attention from the author desperately seeking a certain word or the description of a far off location, in order to make the scene more believable.

If you are one of those partners or friends, you have a very lucky opportunity to be where the action is happening. If you’re not, wait. Your chance may come someday. But don’t push the author to know the details they share with a very few.

We don’t rock like that. Authors must trust those they seek advice from, so that our story doesn’t suffer early delivery.


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