Social Issues ~ Homelessness

No one can deny that homelessness isn’t a major problem worldwide in the twenty-first century. There those who chose that path, eschewing the expectations of a world they no longer understand. Others have found this thrust upon them by the inability to find a job or keep up with payments created when things were “better.” Some are locked into this problem through drug and/or alcohol abuse.

For whatever reason, a certain segment of the population has no permanent place to call home. Many of these people struggle from day to day to overcome this issue, but find that it’s nearly impossible to break a cycle of government dependency and become independent again.

Moon Base Delta Tango blends science fiction with social issues. This short story addresses homelessness on the moon. Not from the economy but from a series of unexplained fueling depot explosions, as those in charge on Earth are encouraging people to depart the overcrowded planet for space.

Abby receives mysterious messages with information about recent fuel station explosions. Then her home is one of those destroyed in an explosion. Left without a place to live and care for her young child, she’s forced to decide between reporting the situation as ordered or telling the truth.


More than a millennia ago, humans settled on the moon. At first, the people sent to this station were those who had broken minor laws, where minute property damage occurred and there were no injuries. The idea was to allow these people to rehabilitate their lives without the temptation to return to the criminal activities that had gotten them in trouble in the first place.

The Great Experiment, as it was called, eventually became less of a campaign platform promising voters safer neighborhoods. When crime rates continued to rise and those self-same politicians more often than not were convicted of being in cahoots with those running the domes protecting the moon’s new residents, the programs were turned over to private enterprises, who, with the assistance of government grants, prepared the moon for habitation by ordinary citizens who won a lottery to escape the pollution making the planet an inhabitable nightmare. The semi-annual lottery, designed to be the fairest method of selecting new immigrants, was declared illegal by a court decision found by most to be one that leaned heavily in favor of the mega-conglomerate Metro-Vision.


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