Teen Romance

A romance for teens doesn’t follow the rules of the much larger romance genre. Often times, a first romance, that first love, must be handled delicately. There might be an “Oh, my goodness, he is so totally hot!” moment, or “She is the cutest girl I’ve ever seen!” exclamation, but teens don’t usually follow any sort of rules that adults do when it comes to romance.

Throw a demon determined to possess the girl into the mix, and you have a supernatural story begging to be told.

Valentino captures Jack and Lea in the early stages of their romance, until Eros’ evil cousin, Valentino, makes his presence known in her life a third time. Can Jack and Lea overcome Valentino and share their first, special kiss on the most romantic night of the year—Valentine’s Day—before midnight and rid the world of Valentino forever?


Jack has plans for his girl on Valentine’s Day. Lea hides a horrible secret from everyone in her new hometown. Not to be outsmarted, Valentino comes between the teens. Can Jack and Lea stop the demon before midnight of Valentine’s Day?


He presses harder on the accelerator, his foot twitching inside his sneaker. His is an easy life, one he’s taken for granted for years, but now … now … things are so different. Jack Byers lives only for Lea Wright.

Jack comes from the richest family in Landry. They live on a hill, overlooking the valley where most of the town barely exists since the recession began, yet he’s never really been as bad as the rest of his family. Sure, he has movie star good looks, with his shoulder brushing mink brown hair, green eyes that tend to sparkle with repressed laughter, and a build that put him on the football team long before he entered school.

“Gotta hurry.” He glances at the clock on the stereo of his hot Mustang, wincing when he sees that he only has fifteen minutes to make it to school. “I won’t have enough time to track Lea down if I don’t get moving.”

The surprise he has planned for his girl will drop her jaw against the tile floors of Landry High School. Of that, Jack is so sure that he’s betting their relationship on it.

Oh, Lea, you have been so good for me. I was such a jerk until you came around.


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