A Winter Holiday Anthology

Between November and early January, there are twenty-seven major celebrations worldwide, and many much smaller ones honoring the winter holidays. Here are just a few, presented by a group of talented authors.


Enjoy these ten stories from a group of very talented authors. We celebrate the Winter Holidays around the world, brought to you by a multinational group of authors, with various traditions and one theme—joy and happiness.

M.H. Newhouse, Malay A. Upadhyay, K.C. Sprayberry, A.A. Schenna, S Cu’Anam Policar, Vanayssa Somers, Margaret Egrot, April Erwin, Mya O’Malley, E.B. Sullivan.

Our tiny menorah is barely visible behind a large, Mickey Mouse statuette and several water globes in our wall unit. My son, Keith, loves the cartoony figurines, but nobody ever takes notice of the Hanukkah candleholder, a relic from my husband’s family. It really doesn’t look like much, I think, as I close the glass door on it. Without Rob here, there seems little point in taking it out.

A photograph of Rob and me, through the glass door, catches my eye. It is from the summer we first were going out. I never suspected we would end up together or, maybe, I might have paid more attention to our religious differences. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about a future, only about whether I liked him enough to keep seeing him. Believe me, I wasn’t sure. He had a lot going against him. For starters, he was recently divorced after five years of marriage. Neither of us was looking for a relationship, and I was really turned off when he told me that he was augmenting his teaching salary by serving in the Army reserve. That really threw me. Religion didn’t seem to matter much when you weighed all the other issues. Once we did get married, two years later, we decided to celebrate both of our holidays together. But this year, we are not together, so the menorah is being left in the wall unit. I guess I’m just not motivated enough to take it out. 


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