Eight Simple Rules

All teens want those around them to take them seriously. Sometimes, though, their means of getting this to happen brings them unwanted or unpleasant attention.

Brian Lachlan, at thirteen, knows what his future will be. He will be a ship commander, like the skipper of Lucretia’s Dream. On the day when he must prove his skills, in order to be placed in the right training program, he uses the Eight Simple Rules one must know for such a position to compare to his progress.

Will Brian reach his goal?

There are all kinds of rules if you’re going to be the commander of a space liner, exploring the galaxy. Not many of the men and women on Lucretia’s Dream believed in this theory, but they weren’t determined to become the youngest starship commander in history.

According to galactic records, the person currently holding the record was an ancient forty-five when he was awarded command of a garbage scow. But it wasn’t a floating trashcan that interested Brian Lachlan. Oh, no, his master scheme was to take control of the very ship upon which he had been born and raised—Lucretia’s Dream.

I will get the grand prize in this contest. I just have to. That’s the first step to reaching my goal.