Many of us have toyed with the idea of writing a series. We are in love with our characters and their predicaments. Before we can enter this difficult area of writing, we must first ask ourselves many important questions.

The first is this one, and if you can’t say yes, you can do this, then walk away from the idea of a series. Are your characters memorable enough to stand the test of a series? Remember, a series is at least three novels, but usually much more.

Next, ask yourself if you are ready to have a myriad of notes about the places you’ve used or plan to use in the future. Have you developed how your characters will grow throughout the series, and I don’t just mean in age. Will they mature, continue on the same track they stared with, or will you eventually end up “killing” them off because they’re dragging down the storyline.

Other things you need to consider is the amount of time a series will take away from other stories you’re plotting. Oh, it’s easy to say that will never happen, but as someone who has three series currently available and at least one more waiting on time to develop it, I can tell you it is very difficult to juggle.

Once you’ve thought about all these things, before you write a single word of your series, sit down and decide on names, ages, locations. Set up who is the protagonist and who is the antagonist. What will your main character’s goal be? Both the ultimate goal and a separate goal for each book. Develop their appearance and background. Ensure both your antagonist and protagonist have less than stellar traits that seem to contradict their place in your book. Remember—no one is all good or all bad.

Think you’re ready for this major undertaking to start? Hold on. Just a minute there. What about the different stories? Have you set up blurbs for them? A synopsis not just for the full series, but also every book? Are you ready to commit what could be a significant chunk of the rest of your life to this series?

Now that you’ve made all these decisions, and are still determined to write a series, go ahead and start. A good reminder though. Be sure your first book can end this plan fast, if it appears no one likes what you’re doing.


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