Summer Thrills Summer Chills

What kind of adventures can you come up with for your summer adventures? There are many, as evidenced by all the fun you can learn about in this great anthology!

The fear of being alone and lost. The nerves that come with starting over. Strange visitors. The sense that something, somehow, is off. 

Plan to shiver. But not from the cold.

Sit back and enjoy tales from ten very talented authors: A.A. Schenna, Barbara Weitzner, Charmaine Pauls, Cynthia Ley, E.B. Sullivan, K.C. Sprayberry, Margaret Egrot, Penny Estelle, S Cu’Anam Policar, and Silvia Villalobos.

I was thirteen the year my grandparents decided to send me to Camp Linnenmyer. It was a sleep away camp in the Pocono Mountains, far from any sign of civilization. I did not want to go. I had never been off my block, let alone out of my state before.

“It’ll do you good to get out of New York for a few weeks, Shanala,” my grandmother stated. I cringed inwardly as she called me by my Hebrew name. She only called me Shanala when she was buttering me up.
“But Gram, I won’t know anyone there. And I’ll get made fun of because I’m not rich like the other kids,” I complained.

That part was at least true. I was far from rich. My grandparents were, but my mother was the black sheep of the family. I guess that made me the black lamb? Who knows. I just knew there would be issues if anyone at this place figured out I lived in the ghetto.


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