The Anthology

You’re really interested in Publisher ABC. They have what looks like a growing stable of authors who have really great books. Yet, you don’t feel as if you can become part of this group because you’re not sure if you’re good enough. Well, look no more. There is another way to interest a publisher in your work.

An anthology is a collection of stories by various authors. There is usually a central theme, be it a holiday or certain genre. Your only task once you read the submission guidelines is to write an appropriate story and submit it. Then, instead of chewing your fingernails and haunting your inbox, get back to work on your novel.

It will take time to hear back from the publisher’s editor in chief regarding your story. Don’t fret and ignore the more important part of your life, writing your novel. Don’t peer at their Facebook or Twitter feeds, seeking information as to who is going to be featured in the anthology, in case they lost your email address. Specifically, don’t bombard the individual handling the anthology to find out if by chance your submission went astray. Learn patience.

If you do receive a contract for an anthology, please read it carefully. Some publishers offer no payment whatsoever to the authors, deeming either a free copy is more than enough for  being part of this anthology, as you’ll receive quite a bit of prestige. While I don’t think this is a good move, if you do, accept that won’t receive any financial recompense, even though you’ll be expected to promote as if you had.

Finally, the payment on the contract might be a division of the royalties with the other authors. This means, each sale is divided by the number of contributors. It makes for a smaller but more consistent monthly royalty.

If you do decide to go with the anthology contract, you will find you have admission to submit to this publisher your books. They like your work and are willing to look at other manuscripts you have. Some might say being in an anthology is a loss for an author, but I’ve found it to be a great way to introduce yourself.


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