The Curse of the Wolf

Paranormal stories span from witches and cauldrons to ghosts to werewolves. In most cases, the lycanthrope is a person bitten by another werewolf. In The Curse of the Wolf, Chrissie upsets a group of inept witches, specifically their leader, and is cursed into this life. How will she handle being transformed once the clock strikes five every evening, instead of just on the full moon?


Never offend a group of inept witches! Chrissy Thomas learns this the hard way, through no fault of her own. For once, their curse works—right until it backfires onto them.

This is not one of my best days. In fact, it is probably one of the worst days of my senior year. See, Mama says she forgot to pay the electricity and water bills.

Forgot. Yeah. Right. A whole load of guilt busts up my rage. Well, she has been real busy lately, but she could have asked me to pay the bill.

We lost our utilities about five last night, right as I began to make supper. In addition to not having any way to prepare the food, and therefore going hungry, I could not take a shower or wash my hair. Thankfully, I shaved a couple of days ago, or I would be a hairy ape. No amount of deodorant I slathered on my pits helps. I can smell myself; everyone can smell me, including Layla Jersey, one of the Pigeon Mountain witches.

They’re trouble, sometimes. Usually, this little clique of a few teens swears they can get revenge on a guy for dumping you. They’re also into spookier stuff, but it fails about seventy percent of the time.

Not that I believe all that stupidity. But I’m not a fool. Like the rest of Landry High School, I go out of my way to avoid upsetting Layla.


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