The Food of Love

Food and romance have long been connected. The sweet, candlelit dinner, drinks and canapes under a romantic moon, that very special desert for the person you love. This anthology combines tales of romance with a single recipe from the story, proving once again that Valentine’s Day is perhaps the most romantic day of the year.


Food entices the senses just as love entices the soul. We take chances, we share new beginnings, in hopes of making that special someone part of our lives, now and forever. Solstice Publishing presents ten tales of love, each with a recipe our authors consider part of their love story. We hope they can be part of yours too.

Please enjoy these stories by Mya O’Malley, Rocky Rochford, Susanne Matthews, Rachael Stapleton, Elle Marlow, Vanayssa Somers, Margaret Egrot, Cynthia Ley, Rebecca L. Frencl, and K.C. Sprayberry


“Are you sure you have to go away on Valentine’s Day, of all days?” Sophia twirled her soft auburn hair through her fingers. “Why can’t you just tell Hank that you have other plans?’

“First of all, it’s Tom; Hank hasn’t been around in ages. Secondly, I really like him, so no; I’m going away that weekend.” Susan exhaled deeply.

Protruding her lower lip, Sophia batted her eyes and gazed at her sister. The little trick had earned her tons of attention as a child and usually resulted in Sophia getting her own way. Her “big sister” was six minutes older and took the role of older sister seriously, too seriously. Identical twins from the top of their auburn heads to the bottom of their size eight feet.

“Nope. Not this time. I’m sorry to leave you alone on Valentine’s Day, but it’s just another weekend; look at it that way.” 


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