Venus Rising

Mick hates his life, a completely normal emotion for most teens, except his life isn’t football, girls, and having fun at the local high school. This teen lives on an undersea research station and Venus, the station, has developed a major problem.

Venus—a research habitat in the North Atlantic—learned to communicate with a very special young man long before humans inhabited her decks. Eleven years later, sixteen-year-old Mick Beaumont has long given up on his friend inside the computer. He’s determined to leave what he sees as a loser lifestyle and return to terra firma.

On the day of the scheduled rising, nothing happens as it should. Mick’s at a loss to explain the breakdowns, despite being the prime suspect. Determined to figure out the mystery, he enlists the aid of his girlfriend and best bud, only to have one betray him at a crucial moment.

The fate of the world is in this young man’s hands. Can he stop the eco-terrorists and bring Venus to the surface before planetary annihilation happens?

Pain. Excruciating, unbearable pain drove through her joints and caused her to groan. For a very long time, Venus lay still. She tried to absorb why the miniscule humans who inhabited her wanted to hurt her. What had she done wrong? Why did they want her to remain on the bottom of the ocean? When would this pain end?
She had to do something. Now. Before the other humans suffered. But the men called Julian Marcus and Chief Swenson wouldn’t allow her to notify the right people. Some way—there must be a method she could use to let the scientists know of the problem. How could she contact Dr. Michael and Dr. Katrina?
Blocked. Those men wanted this information kept from them! Why? No sense. Didn’t show good judgment for humans to remain below when they needed to do repairs. Dr. Michael. Dr. Katrina. Must know. Can’t get to them.


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