Young Adult Versus New Adult

The new adult genre has been around for a very short period of time but is catching on very fast. Basically, many publishers saw that the young adult books, originally for those twelve to their mid-twenties, had far too many books in them parents objected to because of their content.

The reality of the situation is that authors of both young adult and new adult books need to be aware of exactly what parents want their kids reading. Yes, many teens today have access to reading material with Mom or Dad standing behind them to make sure they don’t get something too old. But the real truth is that many teens are far more electronics savvy than their parents, and there will never be a closure of that gap.

What we, as authors, need to do is remember that even though today’s teens seem to be more sophisticated and aware, they are still very much someone else’s child. As such, we need to take into consideration how we approach certain subjects. While we do need to show rather than tell, there are times when too much graphic detail can break our book through reviews.

Remember, if you are going for an older tone in your books, say over seventeen, not to write to a younger audience.