Canoples Investigations on Trial

BD, Carl, Cassie, and Terry discover their lives are turning upside down again—mere days after the arrest of the space pirates, they’re having to fight to prove they didn’t lie about the whole adventure.

BD, Cassie, Carl, and Terry are back on the case—only this time it’s a case they have to solve fast. Turns out Sally Wild, intrepid reporter, has an agenda and it all has to do with making the C.I. team look bad before the Space Pirates trial. Can BD and crew prove they’re not making up stories and beat a clock that’s moving fast?

Our jaws are still hanging down near our knees. Me and my crew—Carl, Terry, and Cassie—can’t believe what just happened. Sally Wild made us look like fools, and we fell for it. Stupidly, we forgot every piece of advice that Chief Pelham has ever given us; ignored Wade, my older brother, about never giving an enemy an even chance; and stepped right into a trap.

“We’ll never live this down.” Terry drops his head into his hands. “Everyone will laugh us right off Canoples Station.”

He’s right and I can’t figure out a way to fix the mess that we’ve gotten into. Even though Chief Pelham promised us that the reporter from Inside Galaxy would never do anything to get her banned from covering the upcoming trial of the space pirates, she has. And she is still on the station. Worse, everyone else believes that she’s a poor, abused reporter rather than the Mercury tat she truly is. 


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