Canoples Investigations On Trial

Authors are always working on the next novel in a series, but unless you are well known your fans are not going to wait a year or three for you to finish and give them a taste of what’s next. That’s where the short story or novella can assist you. These tales renew interest in your story, may attract new sales of your current novel, and give you a chance to use that tiny sub plot everyone has told you won’t work in the latest adventure you’re churning out in your spare time.

BD, Cassie, Carl, and Terry are back on the case—only this time it’s a case they have to solve fast. Turns out Sally Wild, intrepid reporter, has an agenda and it all has to do with making the C.I. team look bad before the Space Pirates trial. Can BD and crew prove they’re not making up stories and beat a clock that’s moving fast?

“We have to fix this.” Cassie works her PocketPad, her answer to taking care of a problem. “I won’t let that reject from a Uranus mine make me look like a fool.”

That’s my girl.

I think that a lot when she is around. Our relationship can be considered rocky at best, especially when I’m acting the idiot, but she’s a loyal friend and is always there for the team. Carl, Terry, and I depend on her to get our collective butts out of trouble, once we dive into a situation where we should stand back and think first. She’s never failed us… until now.

“Sis.” Carl sighs. “Give it up. You’ll never figure out a way to make Sally Wild look bad.”

“I will.” Cassie glares at him. “Don’t you dare give up.”

That last sentence sends me spiraling back to the frightening moment when I thought I’d finally gone a step too far. Not long before we confronted the space pirates, I laughed at her and called her a girl, as in a loser. My intent at the time was to get her attention and make her realize that being a cheerleader was worthless. The events afterward are seared into my memory as a good way to die in the most painful manner possible if I ever get that stupid again.