First Love

Oh, that very special first love. The emotions running through you. The thought that you will be with that person forever, or until next week. However you connect your memories with your first love, one thing will always stand out—this was a very special encounter that set you on the path to your forever love.

That magic moment for a teen. The realization that the person you’ve liked is a little more than a friend. Chance meetings. Old friendships. Even a social media post. These can all lead to that first love.

Authors M.A. Cortez, Gloria Weber, Vanayssa Somers, Margaret Egrot, Josie Montano, K.C. Sprayberry, Pauline Prentiss, and Mya O’Malley bring you tales of teens in the throes of their first romance.

Nixie took a broken branch and scraped a glop of mud from the toe of her new, suede boots. She set her bow down next to the spare tire in the trunk of her beat up VW. Normally, she would’ve worn her UGGs in this unpredictable weather but this was her second lesson with Garrett, the cute guy she met at Mia’s New Year’s Eve party and even though he probably had a girlfriend, it didn’t hurt to look good.

Recurve, the archery range where she worked, was packed. Most of the people would be league regulars, practicing for the upcoming tournament on Valentine’s Day. Free lanes would be scarce for the walk in’s, which meant there would be a line of people who would have to wait. Customers who have to wait equal grumpy people and she hated working with grumpy people. She knew Garrett had made an appointment because she saw his name on the reservation list but, if he showed up late, she would have to help someone else, and her cute-but not-too-obvious, outfit would go to waste. It would just be my luck that Gwen will get him this time and I’ll get creepy Lord of the Rings, guy. Gwen always managed to get her claws on every cute guy that showed up at the range.


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