Holiday Tales

The holidays are filled with shopping, parties, and a lot of rushing around. Many people don’t have the time to sit down and read a full novel. In fact, most will claim they’re far too tired after everything they have to do that they can’t conceive of finding the time to sit still long enough to absorb a book by their favorite author.

Yet, you, the author, are more than willing to provide your readers with a new holiday themed story. How can you do this and be assured that you’ll have sales of this story?

Have you ever thought of a short story based on the characters in your soon to be released novel? Or maybe generating more interest in your series by providing a short tale based on a scene that was cut from your next installment? Maybe you can create a holiday meal where the characters gather and reminiscence about their experiences and relive those exciting moments.

Are the juices flowing yet? Is a story forming in your head? Just what holidays should you concentrate on in order to grab a reader by the throat and have them interested after a day of work, shopping, cooking for family or friends, and maybe even spending an evening baking goodies to give away.

Now is when your talent as an author and promoter of your own work comes into play. Your readers do have the time to read a short story. They’re standing in long lines at the stores, waiting on a cashier to be free. Most people carry smart phones, which come equipped with apps that allow them to read your tale easily. In order to make their onerous wait easier to bear, offer them the opportunity to lose themselves in your story.

Oh yes, this is Promotion 101. You, the author, need to seek out ways to invite your readers or potential new fans, to enjoy your work in different venues. Point out their long wait in line will be so much shorter if they’re checking out a new book. Why, their concentration on a story might elicit conversation with the people around them, to find out why they’re smiling or their eyes are popping out of their head at a special moment. That could begin a conversation where your name is bandied about as an author who has provide them a way to pass the boring time in line by reading.

The modern author must be adept at switching promotional techniques in order to garner interest in their work. We have to be able to change step and wave that proverbial apple in front of the fan’s nose to entice them into grabbing our work and reading in unusual situations.

Think of the recent success of Pokemon Go. Perfect strangers walking the streets, seeking one of the elusive Pokemon and adding them to their collection. Well, why can’t that work for an author seeking more sales? Instead of wandering, your fan will be wiling their time in line away by enjoying a story they’ll talk about for a long time.


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