One More Christmas

This story, the final post for 2016, for the #SundayBookBlog for teen readers will break your heart. It brings into focus what many families endure through the holidays.

Today, we focus on One More Christmas. Fifteen-year-old Dawn just has one holiday wish—that her mom will survive until after Christmas, so her younger brothers and sisters don’t have to remember this as a time of sadness and loss.

One more Christmas is all Dawn wants. Is that too much to ask?

With a little more than a week before the holiday, fifteen-year old Dawn and her dad share a heart-wrenching secret about her mom. She’s dying of leukemia, but no one suspected a thing; they all just thought she was tired. All Dawn has to lean on is a prayer—that her mom won’t die before or on this special day, so her five younger siblings don’t have to remember that during the holidays in the future. Will she receive her wish?

Robby Ryan got off the bus ahead of me. Not that I was that far behind him. We had the whole walk home, about a quarter mile on paved sidewalks, and no reason to hurry. He stopped and glanced at me, a sly smile on his face.

“Come on, Dawn. Quit being a slowpoke.”

We’d had a sort-of-friends relationship all our lives. He lived across the street and a few houses up from me in our little hometown of Monrovia, California. Robby was an older man, all of seventeen. I was fifteen for a couple more months, and that was the worst age to be in 1974. My parents were so old fashioned, saying I couldn’t even think about having a real boyfriend until I was sixteen—in February.

“I’m not a slowpoke,” I said to him, grinning. “Why are you rushing anyway? It’s not like we have anything to do except boring old chores.”