Project 9 Vol 2

Science fiction stories have long been done by authors willing to look beyond the stars, past what is accepted, and envision new and different worlds. Asking an author who writes this genre to limit their tales to twenty thousand words or less provides them with a challenge few can ignore.

A reality pill… Canoples Investigations returns… Are we computers? plus many other stories in this science fiction anthology from Solstice Universe.

Ten authors with eleven tales to tell: Ray Chilensky, K.C. Sprayberry, Rob McLachlan, Debbie De Louise, Jim Cronin, Rick Ellrod, Natalie Silk, Arthur Butt, E.B. Sullivan, and S@yr bring you stories to delight and entertain.

It seemed like a good idea when they had first introduced it back in 2070. Everyone had experienced something that they would like to forget. After all, who wouldn’t want to forget the death of their first pet or watching a loved one perish in a traffic accident? Synaptic Engineering (or S.E.) seemed, at first, to be the answer to a myriad of psychological and emotional disorders. If you were traumatized, you could just forget what it was that had traumatized you.

The technique had been developed by the military; ostensibly to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Memories that caused social dysfunction were just erased. Soldiers could come home from war without remembering the most terrible parts of it. No longer would these fighters be plagued by horrible nightmares or crippling guilt and depression. The horrors of war could be erased and forgotten in minutes; the warrior was psychically cleansed.


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