Realms of Fantastic Stories Vol 1

Fantasy tales range from rosy visions of the past to a future fraught with troubles. Sword fights to cats crossing the rainbow bridge evoke pleasant memories of our own dreams.

Cats await a new arrival…

A queen in hiding…

Much more than an attic…

And other fantasy tales

Debbie De Louise, Margaret Egrot, KateMarie Collins, Rick Ellrod, Rocky Rochford, Stephen St. Clair, and K.C. Sprayberry will bring enjoyment to your day with these fantastic stories.

Old Tom the tabby was at the Gate. Next to him stood Shadow, a black shorthair who had been summoned while sun bathing on the Bridge. Shadow knew the reason Tom wanted to speak with him. It could mean only one thing, another resident was arriving.

“Sorry to disturb you,” Tom said. “But I’ve had orders from above that Kate Stewart’s  Siamese cat, Sam, will be joining us. He’s had a long life and much happiness with her, but it’s his time. Please alert Kate’s other cats about the new arrival.”

Shadow nodded his dark head. “I will be on it right away, sir. When is the welcome party scheduled?”

“Looks like tomorrow morning around six. Remember, it takes time for the soul to reach us.”

“Who will be in charge of the party?” Shadow knew that, according to Bridge rules, the last cat admitted from a human’s family was the next in line to welcome the incoming resident. A year ago, a car hit Shadow after he stupidly ran out the door when his human, Ben, came home from a doctor’s appointment. There had been no cats in Ben’s family on the Bridge or at least none  with whom he had forged the forever bond, so Tom had welcomed Shadow. Now it was Shadow’s job to notify the last member of each incoming cat’s family until the admittance of another first-timer.


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