Right Wrong Nothing In Between

Introductions to The Curse of Grungy Gulley and the Paradox Lost series, two stories to grab your interest and tickle your senses. Random A. Ransom proves that he’s always been after Tuck, Sue Anne, and Earl Lee, going all the way back to the middle ages. James discovers his mistake might change the course of history to where his ancestors will destroy the world.

Sometimes the past and the future aren’t so different after all. Consequences catch up with everyone. Even if you’re a prophet who sees salvation. Even if you’re a demon set on destroying the world.

He stood on the banks of the Coosawhatchie River. The man of many years stared across the small waves causing a rowboat at a pier to bob up and down. The boat seemed to represent his life, from the day he arrived, throughout his own education where he felt as if Travelers made up the rules as they went along, and into his own years actively traveling through time.
He had been graced with the name of Dennis James Sullivan. Dennis for his father, the greatest fire chief in San Francisco’s history, and James for his mother’s brother, a banker in the Midwest.
Both had contributed to his youth, but James, as he was called, learned more from the father he’d planned to emulate, until fate in the form of a Gateway changed everything seconds before the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906


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