Canoples Investigations Exposes Space Dodger

Welcome to the 2017 #SundayBookBlog for teens! 

The Canoples Investigations series was created for teens, to give them a hero who doesn’t stand to the side and let the galaxy run over them. BD Bradford and his sidekicks take off on a new adventure and make some new friends in the process! Look for more from this group in the coming year!

There’s a carnival on the station, with all kinds of “legally” cloned animals, more than a few zero-G acrobats, and miniature clowns. BD’s ever present suspicious mind latches onto one thing when the advance team for Galactic Carnival arrives to begin preparations for a weeklong visit. The ringmaster looks familiar, but the man swears that he has never been to Canoples Station before. Even worse, children five and under are disappearing. A bit of investigating on BD’s part clues him in to the fact this has happened on every station Space Dodger Space Circus has visited so far. He’s determined to uncover the true identity of the ringmaster and solve the mystery of the missing children, but at what cost. Is BD willing to lose his lifelong friends to solve this case? Will they prove Jenna Rock, Wade’s girlfriend, isn’t involved?

The normal sounds of the promenade seem wrong. I have a sensation of impending doom, much like the moments before the space pirates showed up. The desire to leap into action is very strong, so much so that I’m literally leaning forward with my fists clenched at my side.

“Easy,” Carl murmurs. “You don’t know for sure it’s him.”

Of course, I know this man we’re watching is our quarry. How can I not know that? Not that his appearance is anywhere close to his daughter, who right now is aboard Fomalhaut for a very long stay. Erin Markus did lead Spacers Rule, a galaxy wide ring of splifters, but she wasn’t in charge.

Oh, no, she was far from in charge of those thieves. The person with that responsibility has just entered Canoples Station and is talking with none other than our less than ethical governor, but I have no definitive way of proving that.

“Back off, BD,” Terry says in a low voice. “You can’t be sure, not with that man wearing what he is.”

He’s wrong. Terry is as wrong as wrong can be. Of course, I can tell that the clown talking to Governor Tulane is Dr. Janos Markus. That white makeup on his face, the frizzy deep red hair, and meteors racing across his nose in an attempt to disguise his identity don’t fool me. 


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