Canoples Investigations Exposes Space Dodger

Welcome to #TuesdayBookBlog for 2017…

Action, adventure, and it all happens on a space station.  Welcome to the latest chapter of the Canoples Investigations tale. This time, BD has definitely let himself get into major trouble!

There’s a carnival on the station, with all kinds of “legally” cloned animals, more than a few zero-G acrobats, and miniature clowns. BD’s ever present suspicious mind latches onto one thing when the advance team for Galactic Carnival arrives to begin preparations for a weeklong visit. The ringmaster looks familiar, but the man swears that he has never been to Canoples Station before. Even worse, children five and under are disappearing. A bit of investigating on BD’s part clues him in to the fact this has happened on every station Space Dodger Space Circus has visited so far. He’s determined to uncover the true identity of the ringmaster and solve the mystery of the missing children, but at what cost. Is BD willing to lose his lifelong friends to solve this case? Will they prove Jenna Rock, Wade’s girlfriend, isn’t involved?

It feels so good to have Mildred close. I can’t think of her as Jenna, even when she has on her trademark wig and is wearing stage makeup like she is now. Granted, she’s the premier space grunge/rap artist in the whole galaxy. Everywhere she goes, people want to touch and possess her, but here on Canoples Station, I do my best to give her the room she needs to wind down.

That is, until I got a message late last night from her. I still can’t believe what she’s done. That my girl, who has absolutely no investigative training, has stumbled onto and taken control of a situation that is potentially explosive and might endanger her life without consulting Security on any of the stations where she’s performed until now just boggles my mind.

“You know.” She giggles. “I dream about moments like this.”

Her comment startles me. Here we are, stuck near the space dock with so many people around that it’s hard to keep an eye on everyone, and she says that. Sometimes, I think Mildred is a lot like BD.