Darkness Within

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All of us have a darkness within ourselves, an urge to step back and let others take control, or to push our way of doing things on others. How do you handle your darkenss?

There lies in all of us darkness, an evil core which may hinder our decisions. How we deal with that darkness is what defines us as human—or not.

Herm has been the protector of the forest for many years. He now has the duty to choose his successor—and his three candidates all personify the statement he greets them with. A braggart, a self-proclaimed coward, and a woman who seems unable to understand her position. How can Herm select a new protector with such a terrible collection of individuals?

“It is your time, Herm. Your moment to choose a successor. You may not waver, nor may you consider our decision a mere suggestion.”

The voice came from within and without the forest. Herm bowed to the decision of the elders that had been presented to him. Granted, he’d brought up this issue himself and had been overseeing the cycle of replacement for many weeks on end. But there truly was no qualified male that he’d yet to see capable of doing as he’d done for these many years.

“You must look upon all the candidates with equal consideration,” a female voice commanded him. “It’s time to stop thinking that women aren’t capable of doing the duty you’ve shouldered all this time. Didn’t I do well in my tenure in your position?”

Shame flushed him. The greatest of the Elders was a woman. She’d picked him for his duty, yet he still felt it was a man’s job, one too difficult for nearly all women on Earth.

“Do you understand?” a third voice asked.

“I do.” Herm nodded. “And I shall obey.”


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