Just One More

The 2017 Everybody YA #SundayBookBlog continues with more fun, excitement, and tension!

Teens face a lot of temptations during those turbulent years. Some give in and try alcohol, drugs, or even cigarettes. Quitting should be easy? Right?

One more cigarette. Lydia continually fools herself, by imagining that she’ll relieve the stress in her life by smoking one more cigarette. Her habit results in being caught during finals at school, and being expelled. She learns who did this to her and vows revenge.

There is only one little issue left. Can she throw out the cigarettes or will she be caught in the same downward spiral as her brother?

Lydia draws hard on the cigarette, blowing toward the open window. She feels the stress of not studying for Government wash out of her, relaxing with each drag on the cigarette. Waving away the smoke wafting around her, she peers around the stall door.

Was that the bathroom door opening?

Taking two more quick drags, she drops the butt into the toilet and winces at the hissing sound. Flushing, she searches for breath freshener and perfume in her purse, liberally using both. Cautiously, she opens the door and glances around. Certain no one has seen her sneak the cigarette, she walks to the sink and checks her hair, sniffing furtively.

Nothing noticeable. Good. Time for my final.

Walking to Government, she sees Carl. She hurries over to give him a hug and a kiss. He grimaces and pushes her away.

“You taste like mouthwash and a dirty ashtray. Been smoking again?”

The pleasure of seeing him fades. Yet again, he’s nagging her about smoking. She shoots a glare at him and walks into class. 


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