Paradox Lost Their Path

The 2017 Everybody YA #SundayBookBlog continues with more fun, excitement, and tension!

A time traveling adventure series pits triplets against those who want to change their world. Should be easy to defeat Rogues? Right? Well… not if all of you are competing to be the one individual who receives all sorts of cool powers!

The past changed the future

            … the future must salvage the past.

DJ, Matt, and Elisa are mostly normal teens. They have their friends, and their squabbles, and their dreams of the future. Yet, they are also very special teens, brought into this world to fulfill a prophecy made by an ancestor 200 years in their past. One of them dies, one receives incredible powers, and one discovers a place no one suspected she would have.

It was meant to be nothing more than a fun and adventurous spring break from the Beaufort School of Visionary Studies for triplets DJ, Matt, and Elisa. Little did they know that the prophecy made about them was about to catch up. When they are warned that Rogues have targeted them and their family, they go into hiding to protect everyone. But the Rogues have other plans. Can they make the right choices even though they know others will be hurt by their decisions? Even when one of those decisions means certain death?

He wakes with a sense of alarm racing through his body. For the fifth time this month, Dennis James Sullivan hears unseen callers in his head, but today is far different from any other.

At seventeen, he is taller than most boys his age. His dark red hair falls over his deep blue eyes. He shoves the hair back and leans his elbows against his knees. His whole body feels as if it belongs to someone else, what with his knees and elbows all knobby, and the way he constantly springs up another inch overnight. Not that that wasn’t normal, but then the voices began speaking to him, and he can’t make sense of it.

James, as he is called to keep others from confusing him with his father, shakes his head and stands. A glance around his bedroom, shrouded in shadows broken up by the oil lamp on a table beside his bed putting off a yellowish light, brings no clue as to what awakened him.

It’s April 18. Nothing important about today, except Father promised that I could start my apprenticeship on the fire trucks.

Yet, this date brings tremors of fear. Of what, he has no idea.

It’s time to speak to Father and Mother about these voices,” he says to himself, “and perhaps about the strange feelings I’m having. This isn’t normal.”

Yet, he stands in the middle of his room, paralyzed by the thought that the voices in his head are far from normal—so far that some might consider him insane. He has seen crazed men and women wandering San Francisco’s cobblestone streets before a horse drawn closed carriage carts them off to the asylum far to the south of the City by the Bay. He wonders if he is doomed to the same fate, and for that reason he hesitates.

You must leave now!