Personalizing Promotion

What’s the best way to promote a new release?

That question has been plaguing authors since online promotion became the way to get your books out to readers. Just how do you attract new fans while letting those devoted to you know there’s a new release?

One way to personalize that promotion on release day is to see what kind of holiday is coming up. Or perhaps there’s a big event in your life, such as a birthday or anniversary. Instead of setting up a standard “buy my book” post, you can give your fans a gift.

What have you just done by using this style of promotion?

First, you’re using something thousands of other authors aren’t using in our quest to find new fans. If you create catchy, brightly colored images in conjunction with the promotion, you’ve conquered the first hurdle—getting attention.

Second, your fans will be grateful that you recognize how important they are to you. They’ll see that you’re not taking them for granted and look into your book. Maybe even buy a copy.

Third, oh yes, you might not get many sales on release day from this promotion. It’s new and different. People will swear they don’t like seeing the same thing all the time, but they do enjoy their comfortable spot in the world.

Of course, after catching that image with “It’s my birthday but this gift is for you.” they’re going to go back. Look it over. Smile a little. And if you are very lucky, they will click on the link you’ve made sure is with the image in the post. That’s the first step in getting people to buy your book.

Once you’ve got them on your page at whichever sales venue you’re using, you need to make sure you can entice them to make the actual purchase. Here’s where all the promotion tricks are over. It’s all about the work you’ve done prior to uploading your book comes into play.

That, of course, is a subject for another day. What you need to examine now, while you’re going through all the pre-publication work, is how do you plan to promote your book to gain new readers.

Specializing your promotion, reaching out to your readers personally, can do that for you. They’ll see you as a serious author, someone they will probably like. The rest is all about remaining calm…

Well, calm is good unless you’ve cracked that all important best seller rank. Then you can squeal and prance on social media, letting everyone know that you think they’re the best. An honest squeal post can also attract new readers, to find out what all the fuss is about.

Promotion can be a drawn out drag or it can be fun. It’s all in how you plan it. 


Rachael Tamayo said…
Good Advise. I'm always looking for new promo ideas!
K.A. Meng said…
This is awesome advice. I know what I'm doing on June 8th, my birthday this year. Thank you for giving me a great idea.
M.A. Cortez said…
Thanks for the great advice. I'll be using some of these tips !

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