Winter Holiday 2016

Welcome to #TuesdayBookBlog for 2017…

A collection of holiday stories that will tug at your heart and remind you what the winter holiday season is all about. Check out this fabulous anthology with tales from eleven talented authors!

A season for joy…

A season for celebration…

A season for family…

Solstice Publishing presents eleven talented authors with a dozen stories that portray the winter holiday season in many ways. Each tale will fill you with wonder, joy, and a sense of earned togetherness.

Celebrate with K.C. Sprayberry, Donna Alice Patton, Johnny Gunn, Susan Lynn Solomon, Debbie De Louise, Elle Marlow, Leah Hamrick, Eden S. Clark, E.B. Sullivan, M.A. Cortez, and Rebecca L. Frencl this winter holiday season.

“Any old angel’s okay.”

“Any angel is not okay!” Twelve-year-old Katherine argued firmly. She daggered a look of scorn at her brother, Brian, who’d dared to state his opinion. Pick up any cheap, gaudy angel for their Christmas tree? Absolutely not!

Brian’s chapped face flamed to the roots of his chestnut hair. Withering under Katherine’s haughty glare, he scurried to walk by his mother.

“Leave me alone,” he mumbled, brave when safe out of slugging range.

“The angel on our tree has to be the most perfect angel ever,” Katherine continued her pep speech, “and we’re going to search until we find her. Even if it takes all night. Right, Mommy?”

Appealed to, Louise Madison fought through the heavy gloom that blanketed her heart each Thanksgiving.


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