Don’t Give Up On Your Friends

The 2017 Everybody YA #SundayBookBlog continues with more fun, excitement, and tension! We’re also in #MysteryThrillerWeek!

Friendship made young lasts forever. Separating those friends won’t stop the feelings they have for each other and these young people will often seek each other out in order to maintain their ties. When tragedy causes one to vanish without a trace, the other will often ignore all advice about giving up and continue their search for their friend, until they have located the person.


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One by one, the residents of Landry, Georgia gave up on finding Lyssa Winders alive. It had, after all, been fourteen years since she vanished. The men who invaded her home left behind the bodies of those she loved with all her heart. Only one person never gave up and still searches for Lyssa. Kyle Tinker battles his own demons from that night, when he hid like a coward instead of running for help. Their eighteenth birthday looms on the horizon, and Kyle is determined to bring Lyssa home.

Meanwhile, Kim Tinker is having trouble understanding her dreams about a pretty blonde girl—she has no idea that these dreams are of her life as Lyssa Winters. She also hears a guy who has recently started talking to her--in her head. All Kim wants is to get away from a family which hates her, but doing it safely is the one thing which eludes her.

On the day of the Freedom Festival, Kyle sees the girl he never thought he'd see again. And Lyssa finds the one person she's protected for the last fourteen years on their shared birthday. 

A shriek of fear made Kyle even more scared. He turned his attention back to the front of the house. Maybe the bad men would leave. He and Lyssa could go for help together.

The front door banged against a wall. He smelled a bad stink made by the guns. Kyle whimpered and pressed closer to the wood support holding up the porch.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Lyssa screamed. "Mommy! Daddy! Bad men! Bad men!"

Mean, Shifty-eyes, and Growly raced across the porch and down the three steps. Lyssa hung over Mean's shoulder, kicking and hitting him. She stretched one hand toward the too- quiet house. Auntie Dy, Uncle Jack, Auntie Keisha, Grandma Brandy, and Grandpa Monty were inside. Lyssa's other hand clutched Doggie, her most favorite stuffed animal. Rags, the real doggie the police gave her, was nowhere in sight.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Lyssa choked on a sob. "Bad men! Holp me!"

She sounded so scared. Lyssa never said holp for help anymore. She was a big girl now, like Kyle was a big boy. He wanted to help, but he was only four, and those bad men were so big. He looked at the other houses. Someone had to have heard Lyssa. The windows stayed dark. No one came outside to find out why Lyssa was screaming.