Finding That Right Guy

The 2017 Everybody YA #SundayBookBlog continues with more fun, excitement, and tension!

Surviving a non-parental kidnapping and being hidden from your family leaves scars. These aren’t the type of scars that will eventually disappear. In fact, these scars aren’t really visible so that people can understand that you’ve been hurt badly. Healing from this type of trauma comes slowly, and sometimes not at all, but there are some who make the valiant attempt…

Almost two months have passed since the nightmare of non-custodial abduction that Keri and Shane endured. She still suffers from nightmares and a deep-seated fear of repeating the experience. He can’t help trying to make her life easier, better in the hopes that she’ll relax.

Keri & Shane fought back in Lost & Scared. Can they now look forward to a New Future on the most romantic night of the year?

The craziness that was the lives of my family is still long from over, but I’m trying to forget all that tonight. Today is Saturday. The date is February 14, the most romantic day of the year, and I’m more than ready to celebrate with my bestie and our boyfriends. Specifically, my bestie will show up at my house with my guy, to meet her guy and me for a romantic dinner. Oh, did I mention how her guy just happens to be my twin?

“Hey.” Shane darts in the back door, a dozen grocery bags dangling from one hand. “Smells fabulous. What is it?”

“A surprise.” My hands shake as I slice into the strawberries that I’ve picked out of the basket I got at the fruit market this morning. “If this parts works.”

“Hey.” He covers both my hands with one of his. “It’ll work, little sis. Don’t push yourself too hard.”

He’s still very overprotective of not just me but of Kenny, Jimmy, and Stacy. We still have nightmares from the four month long captivity we went through when El Creepo took us from our family. It’s only been a little under two months since we came home. Mom is the only person who agrees with my idea for tonight. She took the four younger kids to her parents for a night of fun while Shane and I prepare a meal that cements the relationships we feel we can finally move forward with, without the worry that our dad will  mess things up


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