Teen Mysteries

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Teen mysteries are becoming very popular in recent years. A few of the newer books in this genre are following the method used in the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books.

What is it about a well written teen mystery that draws the reader?

First, you need a great group of teens dedicated to figuring out the answer to a puzzling situation. This can involve a crime but more often than not, the teens will be delving into a secret that has puzzled them for quite a while.

Once your character(s) have identified what their problem is, you need to set them off on an adventure in a somewhat familiar locale, or you can send them on the hunt in a place where they’ve never been. Be warned though, an unfamiliar place will set up obstacles for your intrepid investigator(s) and those will have to be worked into the plot.

Be sure to let the reader see the clues, but don’t make things too easy for your teens. Give them obstacles to overcome, such as nosy neighbors, adults who think they’re just playing around, or even an antagonist determined to keep them from snooping around.

One thing you should be sure to include is someone to advise these intrepid investigators. An adult they trust, be it a local member of law enforcement or favorite aunt or uncle, or even one of their parents. Ensure your teens to see a few heart thumping moments, but mortal danger should be minimized. Always be ready to show the reader why this teen investigator is someone they would want to be like.

Once the clues have been gathered, don’t go immediately for the “ah ha!” moment. Let your investigator figure out logically who is behind the trouble and then allow them to reveal the culprit.

One more important thing to remember. Many of the elements of an adult mystery can be used in a teen mystery, with some judicious attention paid to the danger faced.